“Cloud Computing” Popular technology to assist your lifestyle and business growth

4 min readDec 15, 2020


Usually, when we talk about Cloud Computing, many people may think of Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox because these services are Cloud services that people is familiar with. They are often used to store various information online. But if we talk about what Cloud Computing is in detail, many people might be unsure whether it is. People may believe they are Cloud, so they are all the same. This answer is only half-correct.

So what exactly is Cloud Computing?

This blog will take you to learn more about Cloud Computing, get to know how they are different and similar to each other. Including comparison of Cloud Computing services.

Cloud Computing is a service that allows client to rent service provider’s computer system. It covers both necessary hardware and software to use in processing, storaging and other online service. Which client can choose processing power, resource capacity as appropriateness to client’s purpose. In other word, spent as much as necessary. In additional, client can also access Cloud service from anywhere, just need to have internet connection.

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How many types of Cloud Computing are there? And what are they?

There are 3 types of Cloud Computing. They are Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

Private Cloud

This type of Cloud is the type that company or organization invest on hardware and software to form their own Cloud Datacenter to use in the organization only. This type is highly secure because it is in private datacenter. But it’s high cost for hardware and software, including maintenance cost combined. And Private Cloud can not scale out instancely when “Workload Peak Time” happen.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud can be rented by anyone. Service provider invests on hardware and software for set a Cloud service and open for rent monthly or annually. Public Cloud is somewhat cheaper than Private Cloud because the client doesn’t need to invest on Datacenter. However, there may be IT Policy Audit problem in some case.

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Hybrid Cloud

Combination of Private Cloud and Public Cloud. It uses the advantage of Private Cloud and Public Cloud such as using in private organization and can be scale out when Workload Peak Time happen. So hybrid Cloud is quite flexibility and intercept the disadvantages of both Cloud types. However, this type of Cloud is very complex because the details of the 2 Clouds are very different and need specialist to work with it. And most important of all, it highly costs.

Have you ever heard of “Cloud Service Models”?

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Is a service or rental service for software and application via internet. Everything processing in service provider’s system, so client doen’t have to worry about it. No need to hire admin to work with software infarstructure or hire some freelance to make an application. Everything is provided by system owner. The best case study is Google service. User can use Google Docs or Apps via browser withour installing any software on the device. Another case study is Web-based Email Service such as Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. They have stored information at host and allow users to access these application via web browser. They are considered to be this SaaS service as well.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a platform service for software developer. Service provide will provide necessary environment for developing software or application. So that the user can extend from it. This service is quite cheap and good for time-saver. Obvious examples are Google App Engine and Microsoft Azure. Both or them can be used to develop software in a short developement time by small team of developer for widely used.

Infarstructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is aservice that covered in the IT infarstructure such as networking, storage system(databese), processing system(CPU), as well as basic equipment such as server and operating system (OS) in virtualization. IaaS doesn’t need expensive hardware investment. This service is also quite flexible and can be extend to comply with organization growth. The examples of this service are Dropbox, ICloud Drive, Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive. In addtional, there are also offers for processing power, rental server, virtual server to test developing application.


It’s obvious that Cloud Computing is not a technology that far away from us. Which we can apply to use with our bussiness or even a small project to gain the highest efficiency.