Basic skill for front-end developer, a highly in demand developer role.

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Front-end developer is a software developer role that focus on user interactive site such as screen, color, picture, button, animation and etc. Basic skill in programming languages for front-end developer are HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many more, and most important of all, front-end developer must be able to use their knowledge and skill to create user interface(UI) based on the requirement.

As mentioned above, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are basic programming language for front-end developer. Basically these languages are used for create UI for web app/website but some skilled programmer can adapt these languages to use for create UI for mobile app.

Some non-tech-informed reader might not know what these languages are. So, let take a look one by one.

  1. HTML
    HTML — is a basic language for web app for displaying information. This one can be compared as house structure. HTML is used for structure of the web such as header, title, URL link, list, table or even picture.
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  2. Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
    CSS — is a language for decoration, alignment, colorization
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  3. JavaScript
    JavaScript — is a script language, should be used with HTML to add movement to the web page and interative to user. For example, register website, developer can use JavaScript to check if user fill all the information or user input correct or wrong data type.
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After study 3 basic languages, next step is to use them with JavaScript library

Why use library?

Because library is a tool to help developers in their line of work. For front-end developer library, there are 3 recommanded libralies, they are popular and of course, developer with these knowledge is HIGHLY IN DEMAND.

  1. React
    React — Developed by Facebook and currently maintaining by free developer.
  2. Vue
    Vue — Created by Evan You, former-Google employee. He used to use Angular and he also developed Meteor Framework. Now he is working on Vue and being support by a big chinese company, Alibaba Group.
  3. Angular
    Angular — Created by Google and community of free developer.

These 3 libralies work in the same method, the method is used something called component and it sends data back and fouth between component.

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